Monday, February 12, 2007

Pirates of the caribbean

Well we were supposed to get to Barbados today but we hit the worst seas you could imagine on the way over there and were getting slammed so we had to turn back a couple of hours into the trip. Barbados is quite far out into the Atlantic so there is very little protection out there!

So being back in St Lucia isn't really the worst thing ever, i really could think of worse places to be stuck! We are going to make another run at the crossing tomorrow when hopefully the seas will have calmed down a bit!

we are anchored tonight on the beach where a lot of the pirates of the caribbean is shot! we are actually tied up to one of the docks where they tie the boats in the movies! It's really awesome as it is quite secret with no tourists around and the only people here are little local dudes in boats who were all extras in the movies! It is literally a case of walking onto the set! Check out the video!

Well hopefully we make it to Barbados tomorrow!!

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