Sunday, February 11, 2007

St lucia and Dallaglio

Me looking like a midget beside Dallaglio

Well it's been a pretty hectic weekend! Not so much from working but we have had a bit of time to let our hair down here in St Lucia! That has included eating out, wakeboarding, partying and my favourite part of the weekend, drinking with ex England rugby captain Laurence Dallaglio and spending hours telling him why Ireland are the greatest team in the world and England are rubbish! Luckily he was a good laugh so took it all well!

It's been busy with about 6 islands in the last week but we are on our way to Barbados( as i write this i am struggling not to fall out of the bed it is so rough!). Barbados is quite a way out into the Atlantic ocean and the waves are massive! We'll be there for 2 weeks and will get a chance to try the excellent surf there again so thats me happy! Anyway hope you are all enjoying the video posts, lots of people think i have lost the plot as i can often be seen apparently talking to myself around the boat!

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