Thursday, February 01, 2007

Day off in Antigua

The view in shirley hights Antigua

I hope you are all enjoying the video posts but i'll go for an old fashioned one today with plain old words and pictures! Had a great day off today but couldn't get a dune buggy so had to settle for a moped, lots of fun though!

Was on the golf course by 8 and could not have played any worse! At least the view was awesome! Then spent the rest of the day on a little beach on the other side of the island. The best thing to do in the whole of Antigua is have a rum punch in Shirley Heights where the view is the best in the world! It's where Heratio Nelson used to hand out and direct his military operations. You could also literally be on the set on Pirates of the Caribbean!!

I've posted this early as we are having a night out for a girls birthday tonight and it could get messy! Better not posting later! Off to guadeloupe in the morning so will get you all a video of cruising down

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