Monday, February 05, 2007

Cooking on camera!

Well i woke up today and thought why not make a cooking video! Basically we are in Guadelouple and i went out shopping and filmed the making of a lunch for the guests! It's kinda hard to film as everybody is working and busy so i have to film myself but I've done the best i can!

The dish that i cooked is "seared Dorado with braised sweet potato, broccoli puree, caramalized red onions and balsamic reduction"

It's fun cooking with the camera but think i need a lot of practice! Hopefully in the next few days i'll have time to run through a whole recipe from start to finish on camera! I'm looking for some suggestions, leave a comment as what you would like to see me cook? It could be something simple like an omlette or the fanciest dish you can think of. The best suggestion will have their meal cooked and shown here next week. Just leaeve a comment below!

I'm off to bed it's been a long day!

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