Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Getting totally smashed!!!

well i'm writing this in the middle of the atlantic Ocean and all those nice posts of us jumping of the boat in idyllic conditions is a fading memory! I can barely write this anymore and am going to have to keep it short as i keep literally falling out of bed! I took the video at the start when it was light and we could still go outside. For the last 6 hours we have been stuck inside and nearly everybody is as sick as a dog! The boat is be flipped around like a rubber duck in a bath and it's over 50m long! You feel totally powerless out here in the Atlantic! Just looked at the 1 metre waves in the video and multiply them by 3 and thats what i am in at the moment! Hopefully i'll have a nice sunny post for you tomorrow and all the crew won't be too groggy!

Waves starting to get bigger but still quite small!

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