Sunday, February 25, 2007

Funny yachting stories

I've been working in yachting for a few years and have met a lot of people who have told me plenty of funny tales about the industry. Most of them are a mixture of tall tales and hear say with a little bit of truth thrown in. There are however a few interesting stories from the industry that i do know are true. here are 4 of the funniest and most ridiculous things I've ever heard from this crazy business i work in and are all true.

1. I know a crew who came home after a big night one night to the boat, a bit of a party started and one new crew member was sent to get some wine. They drank 6 bottles and it was only the following morning that they realised they had mistakenly drank $76,000 worth of the bosses wine!! Luckily nobody ever noticed!

2. One Arab owner uses his boat for a couple of weeks every summer. To keep himself entertained he hires dwarves and pays them to water ski while he watches from the tender! The one who stays up the longest each time is given $1000 cash. Apparently he is amused for hours by this!

3. One owner once chartered a private jet to fly some mozarella to the caribbean from Italy as he wanted it for his dinner that night!

4. A very famous charter boat was lost by it's owner last summer over a game of cards, the yachts value was over $40 million!

It's amazing what goes on when that level of cash is involved! There are countles other stories that i could tell but would either get into trouble for or get sued!

Believe it or not i am still in Barbados as we are waiting for some rough seas to clear up so as we can go accross to Grenada. It's not the worst place in the world to be stuck!

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