Monday, April 30, 2007

Leaving the boats

Well it all came to an end today and i finished working on boats forever! Well i suppose you never say never but if the business goes well the next time i'll be on a yacht is hopefully as an owner and not cooking for others!

I woke up early this morning and went to the airport in St Thomas in the US virgin island to get my flight to puerto rico. I looked at my boarding card and knew it wasn't a good sign when under my "seat number" was pilot, no jokinh i swear! Basically it turned out to be a 6 seater plane and there i was literally sitting with my face pushed up against the windscreen!

At one stage my knee actually bumped into one of the leavers and the captain got a bit ratty with me! Anyway i survived and got to Puerto Rico and caught my conecting flight to NY!

I've just come back from a quick walk around times square, Maddison Square garden and a bot of shopping! Stumbled upon a little traditional Irish Pub in the middle of all the madnes here and got a great pint of guinness and a roast turkey dinner! There are hundreds of wonderful places to eat and i end up in a pub! I guess i am jut fed up of cooking fancy food for the past 6 months and wanted something traditional!

So i'm off to get a good night sleep as tomorrow i'm going to try and see as much of this great city as possible!

Sad to have left yachts but looking forward to the future! Filming starts in 6 days!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Whats going on???

Well firstly i need to apologise for a serious lack of posts over the last week. This has to be put down to having guests on board and working very long hours! We are still in the British Virgin islands and i only have 5 more days of being a superyacht chef! I have to say it is tough working on the yacht and trying to get iFoods set up at the same time! There is just so much to do!

Filming starts on the 7th May at castle Leslie in Ireland and the good news is that this blog will continue to follow what i am up to from day to day! There should be lots going on as we will be promoting it and travelling around a lot! I can promise that it will be just as exciting as usual the only thing that will be changing are the locations!

Also as far as the charity work is going the good news is that the total is slowly creeping up and there that means that there is something for me to take to the orphans in Zimbabwe. The other good news is that now that i am back on terra firma i will be organsing some big cooking events to raise even more money! we should see the total really moving soon, but in the mean time please please keep saving lives and donate!

So to sum up there are lots of exciting things happening and i hope you make the transition from Sea back to land with me!!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Virgin islands video

Well we are still in the Virgin Islands and having a great time! I only have 15 days before i step on the plane and go back to Ireland to start the new business! So it's time to do as much as possible with the time that i do have left and enjoy the incredible views, a few last cocktails and the islands in general!

we are off to Peter island in the morning which is good as it is more isolated and we can practice our diving so as i can get the courage to finally dive head first from the roof! Not leaving this boat without doing that!

Well i hope you are all well in your different parts of the world.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

British Virgin islands

Well we finally left St maarten and have now arrived in the BVI's, which really are wonderful islands! We had an 8 hour trip today and for the second trip in a row were lucky enough to see whales! They were breaching and basically playing around but i was n such a rush to get the camera for you my loyal readers that i missed nearly all of it and ended up with no footage!! We are here now for about 3 weeks and indeed i will be getting off the boat here to go back to Ireland and start the business! Starting to get a bit sad about leaving the boat's and the wonderful lifestyle that i have but i guess it had to all come to an end sometime! At least i don't have to go back and work for somebody else which is one positive!

Below is the video i made today with my brand new video camera, gone is the shaky little hand held one! I have also had a bit of a chance to surf around in the last couple of weeks and i found a couple of great sites. Blogging is a wonderful thing and i've made plenty of friends through it. My new favourite site is msglazewhich tells the story of a cool American chick cooking in a three star restaurant in France! There are some cool video recipes on there as well and it's well worth a read!

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Video of st Maarten

Well folks it's easter weekend and i am sure you are all enjoying yourselves with lots of good food and drink wherever you all are. It's one bad thing about doing my job, is that you don't get to spend much time with friends and family, however on the flipside i am lucky enough to be in the beautiful sun drenched caribbean. Today i am still in St Maarten and i take the camera up to the roof of the boat for a good look around. This is as close as we can call home as all the big boats are here and it's a chance to catch up with all our friends! No doubt we'll be out tonight enjoying a few beers and telling tall tales about being at sea since we last met. Tomorrow it's off to another paradise location, the BVI's or British Virgin Islands as they are better known! Happy easter

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Whale watching, Antigua and St Maarten

Well after a few days in Antigua watching cricket and having a good time it was time to head 8 hours north to the little island of St Maarten. It's pretty much the centre for big yachts in the caribbean and we all love coming here as we get to hang out with all our other "yachtie" friends from all the other boats! On the way up we saw a couple of cool things, one man made, one natural. The pod of whales we saw took the breath away but i wasn't really fast enough with the camera and then seeing the biggest yacht in the world, the Maltese Falcon took the breath away again, really stunning! We tied up here in St maarten and are all heading out for some well deserved beers now!!

Sunday, April 01, 2007

England world cup cricket Video

Another day in the caribbean and another cricket match. Once again we happen to be at and England match and have another wondeful chance to wind their fans up! This time we are slightly out numbered and it is me against about 300 of their fans! A great day out with lots of beers had and a wonderful atmosphere! They stole my hat, we wound them up but it all ended in smiles and we all shared a beer together afterwards!!