Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Whats going on???

Well firstly i need to apologise for a serious lack of posts over the last week. This has to be put down to having guests on board and working very long hours! We are still in the British Virgin islands and i only have 5 more days of being a superyacht chef! I have to say it is tough working on the yacht and trying to get iFoods set up at the same time! There is just so much to do!

Filming starts on the 7th May at castle Leslie in Ireland and the good news is that this blog will continue to follow what i am up to from day to day! There should be lots going on as we will be promoting it and travelling around a lot! I can promise that it will be just as exciting as usual the only thing that will be changing are the locations!

Also as far as the charity work is going the good news is that the total is slowly creeping up and there that means that there is something for me to take to the orphans in Zimbabwe. The other good news is that now that i am back on terra firma i will be organsing some big cooking events to raise even more money! we should see the total really moving soon, but in the mean time please please keep saving lives and donate!

So to sum up there are lots of exciting things happening and i hope you make the transition from Sea back to land with me!!