Wednesday, April 11, 2007

British Virgin islands

Well we finally left St maarten and have now arrived in the BVI's, which really are wonderful islands! We had an 8 hour trip today and for the second trip in a row were lucky enough to see whales! They were breaching and basically playing around but i was n such a rush to get the camera for you my loyal readers that i missed nearly all of it and ended up with no footage!! We are here now for about 3 weeks and indeed i will be getting off the boat here to go back to Ireland and start the business! Starting to get a bit sad about leaving the boat's and the wonderful lifestyle that i have but i guess it had to all come to an end sometime! At least i don't have to go back and work for somebody else which is one positive!

Below is the video i made today with my brand new video camera, gone is the shaky little hand held one! I have also had a bit of a chance to surf around in the last couple of weeks and i found a couple of great sites. Blogging is a wonderful thing and i've made plenty of friends through it. My new favourite site is msglazewhich tells the story of a cool American chick cooking in a three star restaurant in France! There are some cool video recipes on there as well and it's well worth a read!

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