Sunday, January 28, 2007

Stepping aboard the Maltese Falcon

Remarkably all the sales are controlled by touch screen in the bridge and even though 88m it is designed to be sailed single handed.

I've been in Antigua for a couple of days now and am lucky enough to have a coulple of friends working on the brand new 88m sailing boat "Maltese Falcon". Its one of the biggest sailing yachts in the world, has stunning design, amazing interior and causes a stir wherever it goes. I was lucky enough to be given a guided tour and can report that it is the most stunning and remarkable boat i have ever been on.

The design is highly unusual from the outside but as soon as you step inside it starts to make a lot of sense with fantastic views, amazing skylights and truly remarkable features! The lush dining room is complete with an electronic wall that pulls back to reveal a fine collection of wines and the boat has some of the most tasteful artwork i have ever seen. I was told the boat is meant to have cost 150 million dollars and i can well believe it!

The dining room is as big as some shore side restaurants would be!

The owner Tom perkins is the founder of HP printers and an avid sailor who was heavily involved in the design. The crew told me they are fully booked for charters until 2008 and havn't had a day off in 4 months! I really am not surprised as this really is a remarkable and truly unique boat!!

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