Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Reason i write this....

Kids are starving and dying right this second

I've put a lot of thought into what to do with the money raised form this site and have finally found a worthy cause. My uncle lives in Zimbabwe has found an excellent cause that we can be sure will receive the money first hand, use it properly and use every single cent we raise. So many charities have huge administrative costs or plainly lie about what they are doing with the money. My aim is to start something that will get 100% of the money to the children.

The following is a passage from an e mail my uncle sent me this week..

Shungu Dzevana Trust = Passionate concern for children " in Shona a
private voluntary organisation giving support to orphaned children in the
form of child fostering .It is catering for 400+ children including dumped
babies . When we were there , 5 weeks ago , there was a 3 week old baby left
at the gate in a plastic shopping bag . The children are all Aids orphans
and they probably have it as well . But when you go there and see them
running around as happy as can be it would do your heart good .

The unit we support is run by an African nun , Sr Mercy Mutyambizi , and is
in a 3 bedroom bungalow with about 10 in each room , bunk beds etc . She is
trying to build extra rooms but the cost of day to day running the show uses
any money she gets .

She gets no support from the government ..most of her funding comes from the
Irish Carmelite priests and it was them that introduced her to us .

Zimbabwe was once a prosperous country with thriving crops but has recently suffered huge droughts and oppressive rule from Robert Mugabe. The people suffering the most are the children.

I thought i was having a hard day today and then i read that and it makes you think again.

My idea is to start sending money as soon as we get to 1000 dollars raised. Withing the next week there will be a facility to accept donations on the site as well so that will speed things up significantly. I want to fly out there myself soon to look into it further and report back on the blog so as we all have something to read and work towards. I find that the biggest problem with giving is that you never see who it helps and you always wonder what is happening with your cash. At least this way we will have a direct link to what we are doing and weekly reports with pictures etc.
I want to give the kids a future

So at least we now ave a project to start with and something to work towards. I will be trying everything in my power to move this along over the coming weeks and hope that you will also and help by passing the link on and reading as regularly as possible.

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Good Life said...

This is amazing! You have helped me find my purpose over the next year as I get into the yachting industry. I'd love to know if you're still pursuing this and if you have any advice for me to do something similar now that you've had some experience. Thank you and blessings!