Sunday, January 14, 2007

Lots of work, golf and beer

On the golf course enjoying some well earned time off

Well firstly i need to apologise for the lack of posts lately and welcome you all back. There are several, golf, beer and more work. I finished the 2 week charter after Xmas and had four days off to prepare for the arrival of our owners yesterday. They have joined us for 4 months on a trip that will take us from places like barbados to Panama and venezuela to Belize with lots of stops along the way! It should be fun and i'll be giving you a daily recipe that i cook for them as we go along. I'll try and use ingredients from the local countries and keep it as entertaining for you all as possible!
5th January, our new years eve as we missed the real one!

With a new year brings the challenge of following up on what we started last year regarding the African project. I have found a cause and will be writing about it extensively in tomorrow's post. It's an orphanage in Zimbabuwe that looks after kids with HIV and no future, hopefully with this blog we can start saving lives and giving these kids a future, anyway more about that tomorrow.

I guess the highlight of the last few weeks was being in the celebrity haunt st Barts for new years. Everybody who was anybody was there including, Roman Abramovich, Penelope Cruiz, Tara Reid etc etc. I am in st Maarten at the moment but heading back to St Barts on Tuesday, and with a day off there this time am hoping to get a bit of surfing in! Half of it has to do with the sport of surfing but mostly to do with the fact that Cameron Diaz and penolpe are often to be found catching waves there!! I'll keep ya posted.
Will i be surfing with cameron on Wednesday?

So sorry about the break in posts but i hope you all continue reading and supporting the cause in the new year!!

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