Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Another day off in paradise

Beautiful St Kitts where i am today

well i must say the reaction has been fantastic since yesterday when i asked people to start donating! Just look at the total and how it is rising! For those of you who havn't done so yet please please put your hand in your pocket and start now! For those of you who have thank you and please make it a monthly occurence!

I'm in St Kitts now which is a beautiful island, lots of rolling hills which reminded me of Ireland but maybe a bit warmer here!

Life is pretty good at the moment and having a day off in a place like this always helps! We spent the day out around sightseeing and exploring. Lunch was in a plantation where they harvest sugar and we have just come back from sipping some nice local rum cocktails!
Having dinner and drinks by the pool with the crew

I'm also adding plent of recipes by the day and you will be able to find them by looking on the right hand side of the blog under labels. I will no longer include them in the daily post but there should be at least one new recipe per day. I would also love to hear any comments that any of you might have about attempts you have had of making the recipes! Just leave a comment after this post!

I am off to bed now as have an early start, we are heading to Antigua in the morning! It's well known as a place for crew to let their hair down so better get my beauty sleep!
If you were unsure about donating watch this and please give the 10 euros that could save a child like these lives

Thanks once again for the donations and keep it up!!!!!

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