Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Give up a beer save a life

Well the time has come to speed things up and start giving donations to speed the project up. What i am asking you guys to do is to give up one small thing like a beer, coffee or magazine and save an African life. Basically by cutting out one small thing like that a week you should be able to donate 10 euros a month. Just think about that amount, 10 euros, that means nothing to most of us but will go so far to helping in Africa.

Its so easy for all of you to read something like this and think thats great and do nothing and leave it to others. Now is the time to act, people are dying now, this second. In the orphange i want to help now there are children lying on the floor with no clean water, little food, no hope and HIV. If we start donating those very kids will have clean water, basic regular food, HIV retro viral drugs and with a bit of luck some hope for the future. EVERY SINGLE PENNY you donate will make it to the cause. Instead of having a large operation like a charity that costs money to run we will take the money directly to Africa, with volunters and build a lasting place for children to prosper and have a viable future.

So many people go about their business from day to day so ignorant of the problem going on right on our doorstep. You jump on a plane from London and in 6 hours you are there in the middle of all these people dying. We all have out little goals in life like the new flat screen TV, the holiday, the new car etc but what about the children lying there in Zimbabwe wishing and praying as hard as you do for what they want. They are pretty reasonable, their needs are not huge, all they want is water, food and basic medication. I'm not asking you to give up all you possesions or even any of your time, just a simple little donation. Together we can make a difference, don't leave it to others like we always do, don't think you can't afford it beacuse you can easily. Just give up one little luxury a week and we will start to make a difference.

All donations can be made in the top right hand corner of the screen. The method uses PayPal which is 100% safe and secure. I am starting the ball rolling by donating 100 dollars per month and hope that you will all start to contribute yourselves very soon. Thank you and lets get this going as soon as we can to help those kids!

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