Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy new year!

Antigua, where i am writing this from

Well the first thing that i have to do is apologise for the lack of posts over the festive period!! While you have all been stuffing your faces with food and drink i have been busy preparing it for the guests on our charter! They got on on the 22nd are are still here so it means that i've been working on both Xmass day and New year's eve! I am totally exhausted as have been working 16 hour days cooking for 9 guests, 3 kids and 9 crew! In the last 10 days i have been in Grenada, Trinadad, Guadaloupe, Martinique and am now in Antigua before setting sail to St Barts tomorrow. Well i hope you had a great festive period and are ready to support the blog in the new year!

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