Monday, December 04, 2006

Raised so far $45.49

Pastries and fruit for breakfast
we are in The Britsih Virgin islands now in a place called Tortolla, its really cool here, its where all the pirates used to hide out and wait in coves to come out and steal all the treasure. No pirates today just lots of American tourists around.
Well things have been crazy busy for the last couple of days with guests! I've been cooking for 8 of them and also feeding the 10 crew onboard! I though i'd show you through a typical day of mine on charter! Here goes.....

5.30a.m I get out of bed and after a few double expressos i'm ready to go!I start making all the pastries for the day along with muffins and bread for breakfast!

6.30a.m The rest of the crew are starting to get up now and i cook them some bacon for some bacon butties! I make all the fruit platters and berries for the guests breakfast!
What the rich and famous have for lunch, there is fresh lobster, potato salad with truffle, home made flat breads, humus and a classic cesar

8.amThe guests are waking up and i make them all sorts of breakfast orders, they are hungover this morning so they all want cooked breafasts, lots of bacon and eggs this morning! I start all the prep for lunch, i am cleaning fish, cooking lobsters, peeling vegetables and making salads.

10.30am I start cooking lunch for the crew. They are having fillet steak and wedges for lunch, they can be harder to please than the guests sometimes!

11.30 Crew are fed and i'm putting the finishing touches to the guests lunch

13.00 I serve the guests their lunch

14.30 have cleaned down after lunch and manage to have a quick snack myself!

15.00 I start preparing the dinner for the guests!

16.30 It's time for the crew to eat again so i feed them

18.00 I'm making roast pepper soup, veal chop with wild mushroom risotto and a white chocolate mousse for the guests!

20.00 They sit down to eat and order a few last minute things to make my life a bit harder. Somebody doesn't like veal so i have to change it to a steak. They want lots more bread, the soup is nice they want more, the waiter just dropped a plate, lucky i had an extra veal chop!

23.00 Dinner is finally over and i sit down to write this, i'm up at 5.30 again tomorrow to go through the same routine so i need to sleep! Only 4 more days of this and then the guests get off and we will have one hell of a party in St Maarten! If i make it that far that is, i feel like keeling over at any moment i'm so tired!
Looking very tired and grumpy just before dinner

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