Monday, December 11, 2006

Watching planes and crashing boats

Raised so far $50.54

Well i promised a tipsy post last night but as you can see by the lack of post we got a little bit past the tipsy stage! We spent the day in a great bar in St Maarten called the sunset bar. Its at the very end of the runway and the planes fly so low over the bar that you can nearly touch them! Well about 15 beers later we all staggered back to the boat via Mcdonalds and slept it off!

Sitting in a really big chair with the rest of the crew

St Maarten is a cool island which is split equally between the dutch and the french which is pretty useful for me as those are the 2 other languages i speak! It's a big centre for boats and we always have a good time here!

There was also big drama yesterday when i crashed one of the boats! It's like crashing a car but more serious! It cost 100,000 and i did quite a lot of damage. It is so bad that they have to fly somebody from america to fix it! Basically i was coming into the port and it was really windy, a huge gust caught me and pushed me into a sharp wall! It burst straight away and for a moment i thought i was going to sink so was getting ready to jump! Luckily it didn't but still it's a lesson that i should stick to the cooking!

Roasted veg and a carpaccio of beef for the crew today

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