Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Moving things on

Pan seared scallops with ginger and spinach. Veal scallopini with lemon and parsley

Well it's just good to be back in port without any guests and we have been taking it very easy for the last couple of days. I spent most of the day out and about shopping for the crew. I have just had a quick game of tennis in the local hotel and am now tucked up in bed writing this!

Looking out to sea in St Maarten

Am happy with the way the blog is going and we are starting to raise money quicker now but i really want to speed things up even more. I want to encourage people to start giving donations and am setting up a facility to do this online. I would like to get as many people to donate 10 dollars a month to the cause. It is such a small amount but could make a huge difference. Just think during one month you would only have to sacrifice a couple of beers, a little treat you normally have or a dinner out. It is disgusting that people in Africa die all the time and we all have an option to help but 95% of us make no effort to at all. 10 dollars a month may not seem like a lot but if all the readers of this blog do it we will be earning thousands a month. The beauty of this is that unlike other charities we will be giving 100% of the funds directly to the African people. I will personally go there and make sure every last penny donated gets directly to the African people. I am starting the donations myself and am pledging $100 dollars a month. I will unveil the donation options in the next couple of days but please please think about what you have the potential to do by doing this, don't just leave it to other people, we need to start acting on this and now is the time!

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