Saturday, December 09, 2006

Freedom again!!!!!

Raised so far $49.76
Some of the crew saying goodbye to the guests

Well the best news is that the guests are gone, best news for me that is! After a week of hard work and nothing but cooking 24/7 they are finally gone and i could not be happier! After making them breakfast they flew out on their private jet this morning and we were free to make our way to St maarten!

Have just arrived after 10 hours in big crashing seas! The waves were about 10 feet which although not as bad as expected was still enough to make me seasick and have to stay in bed for most of the day!
The sea plane taking off

Last night i cooked them a final meal as it was yet another one of the guests birthday, but luckily no dressing up this time! They seemed to leave very happy but luckily we now have 2 weeks off in St Maarten before we have any more guests, so now we have a bit of time to let our hair down(difficult in my case).

Baked herb encrusted Brie with cranberry relish and baby gem

Other good news from the blog is that it is being featured in The Sunday World today which is the biggest Sunday paper in Ireland so we should be adding more readers and therefore more money for kids in Africa.Keep it up guys!

Well i'm off to get some hard earned sleep now and get ready for a nice day off tomorrow in St Maarten. Seems like the plan is to go to a beach bar at 12ish so could be a tipsy post tomorrow night!!

Was feeling tired and grumpy about work this morning but then looked out the window and realise not many people have this view from their office window!

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