Tuesday, December 05, 2006

In the full chefs uniform for dinner service

Raised so far $46.78

Well it's been another hectic day and i haven't done much else apart from cooking. There was a bit of a bonus this morning when i happened to meet a local and he sold me some of the best fish I've ever seen in my life! The tuna was nearly alive it was so fresh, and prawns that were bursting full of flavour! It made my job really easy today having ingredients of that quality!

Prawns with avocado and lemon dressing

Tomorrow the guests are off on a day trip so I'll be able to catch up on some much needed sleep! We are going down to Richard Branson's island Nectar to anchor for the night!

Today's fresh tuna cooked with ginger, black sesame, chili and Chinese cabbage

I can't begin to explain how tired i am and how long this charter is! whenever you finish your 8 hours behind a desk and feel tired just think of the crew on yachts, we basically work double that time in a day, standing up and then sleep for 5 hours before doing it all again for 7 days in a row. Think of the most tired you have ever been, multiply it by 5, throw in a bit of jet lag, a hangover, sore feet, an aching back and that would be pretty close! Still i guess only three more days and we have the boat to ourselves again and have a huge party in St Maarten the party island of the Caribbean!

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