Saturday, December 02, 2006

Very very tired

Raised so far $40.89

Well its been a long couple of days. The charter guests arrived yesterday and i've been flat out since then. I was up naking croissants at 5.30 this morning and i'm just sitting down to write this now and it's 12.45 in the evening! I'm up again in less than 5 hours so you will have to forgive me for keeping this short! Thats the thing about this job, when the guests aren't here its all sitiing on the beach and drinking cocktails but when they are here its non stop! They are here until Friday so i'll have to get used to very little sleep! Anyway have to run, eyes are very slowly closing as i tpye this. I'll think of you all having a nice Sunday sleep in when i'm having my double expresso to get going in the morning!

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