Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Working hard in Grenada

Well folks i've been working hard cooking for heaps of guests so not that much to fill you in on. What i can say is that the response to Donating has been incredible. The blog has only been running for over 3 months and already we are very close to breaking through the 1000 dollar mark! As i said the trip to Zimbabuwe is in June to hand over the first funds. I'll be spending a week there filming and helping to put the money to good use. In the meantime i have plenty of fundraising ideas so keep reading!

I have also been busy cooking recipes over on iFoods so hope you are all cooking away!

A new feature that i am ading to the site that you will find on the right hand side of the page is a feature that allows you to submit your recipe of choice to be cooked by me. It will cost $19.99(all to the zimbabuwian cause of course) and i will do one of my usual productions. I'll credit you with the recipe and give a bit of it's background! It'll be a pretty neat way to have your favourite recipe produced and be able to show it off to your friends!!

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heidi said...


I'd love it if you posted your menus occasionally - would love to see what you're serving for various occasions (everyday menus, special occasions/events, etc)...Wine/drinks too! Glad the squash salad went over well.

Best, -Heidi