Sunday, March 04, 2007

Sailing through the Grenadines

We have made our way along the chain of islands that are the grenadines for the last few days. They really are one of the most beautiful chain of islands with turquoise water, reefs and caribbean charm everywhere. It reminds me a lot of Tahiti. I jumped into the water yesterday and was in it for over an hour, i literally had to be dragged out to start cooking dinner for the crew!

Shopping here is like nothing you would ever experience. When we come around the corner a fleet of little boats with locals clutching everything from lobsters to dolphin fish to baguettes(where they get those i have no idea). The lobster here is the best i have ever tasted. You place your order with the local and he speeds off in his boat, 20 minutes later he's back with 2 beauties just pulled out of his trap and still full of life! This really is the way to cook! staright from the Ocean to the plate, couldn't be any fresher.

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