Thursday, March 08, 2007

7 Magical waterfalls

Well folks i told you things were a bit quiet for the last couple of days but after a day off today there is plenty to report! We were up and about early and made our way up through the haert of grenada to a magical place called the 7 Falls. Once there we hired a guide who took us on a magical 4 hours trek through the rainforest down to seven waterfalls, guess you never saw that coming! The walk was tough work but getting to the falls was so so special. Grenada is very untouched by tourism and the whole couple of hors that we were there we had the place to ourselves! The water was ice cold and we had to jump from all sorts of different places sometimes into a space of water only a couple of feet wide from a tree 30 feet up with about 5 foot of water. The guide kept telling me to land softly but all i could think as i was hanging off the tree waiting to jump was "how the f#ck do you land softly when coming down from 30 feet???"

Well in the end we all made it and it was one of the best days i've ever had in the caribbean! we trekked back up the hill, past our guides hidden marjuina plants and had a few beers at the top and talked about what daredevils we all were!

I'm in bed early tonight getting ready for a 5.30 a.m start as we have to catch a couple of flights up to St Vincent to watch the cricket world cup! It's Australiaia v. Enland tomorrow so a day of drinking and abusing English players awaits us. Lots of red stripes will be involved so tomorrow's post could be pretty interesting!!

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