Monday, March 05, 2007

First pictures from Africa

These are the very kids that your money will be helping

Well it's taken a while but i have the first pictures from the orphanage in Africa where i am trying to help all the kids. My Uncle and grandmother visited last week and after a week of grappling with the computer(he is not a tech wiz by any stretch of the imagination)the pictures have arrived via my uncle.

The work being done at the Orphanage is incredible but they are very low on funds and do not have enough money to both feed the Orphans they have or to continue the building work required to house them. As you can see from the photos conditions are very cramped and the children although very well cared for are living the most basic of lives. They could fill the orphanage many times over but are struggling with what they already have and survive on the small amount of donations they recieve from the church. We NEED TO GET MONEY THERE IMMEDIATELY!!
The kids were happy to see my grandmother and uncle, although my grandmother told me"she was shook up"afterwards.

Having the conditions described to me first hand by my uncle has really invigorated my appetite for fundraising. I will be making my first trip there in June and hope to deliver the first money at that stage. The aim is for this blog to start supporting the orphanage and building additional facilities within the year. It is not good enough to just support them financially, we need to develop a support structure for the place and give these kids and future generations of kids a chance. This will only happen with YOUR support, i hate to harp on but please please donate a small amount, it will help saves lives. I love doing this blog as i find it fun but i would also like to see it start making a differnece in Africa which is what i started it for. Thanks for your ongoing support and it'll be back to fun stuff tomorrow, we just can't lose sight of the goal!