Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Bouncing around

Well folks the good news today is that after yesterday's appealwe have started to raise quite a bit of money and the total is climbing nicely. The bad news is that i am stuck at sea and getting thrown around by the rough weather so making a video would be tough, as it happens even writing this is tough. I do get seasick quite a bit(great idea to work on a boat)so keep having to abandon the laptop and run out for fresh air! Luckily i posted a couple of recipes over on iFoodsbefore we set off today so that should keep you all cooking and amused!

Well i've just been outside again and the good news is that i can see Grenada and the end of the rough weather is in sight!

I have another favour to ask all you loyal readers! I need some ideas for fundraising. I basically need to raise as much cash as possible before i go to the orphanage in June. I'd love to come up with something interesting that would keep all you readers involved as well. Maybe sponsoring me to do something, a big raffle. I was thinking i could organise a raffle with 10 dollar tickets and the winner gets me to cook ameal for 4 for them? Let me know what you all think and get your thinking caps on for the sake of the African kids!!

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The Humble Housewife said...

What a great idea!!! I would love a chef cooked dinner! Mde a small donation - hopefully can make more later been a rough month financially! :-) Thanks for what you are doing!!!