Monday, November 13, 2006

My all time top 10

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People always ask me where is the best place you’ve ever been and it’ not an easy question, so many factors coming into the equation. I have judged this on where I would like to live, the scenery, the people who live there, the climate and lost importantly what the Guinness is like there!!

10th place

Wakeboarding in Bonaire
Little island off the coast of Venezuela, quiet, laid back and chilled. Love spending the days carving in and out of the water on the board before a nice sundowner in the beach bar


The natural beauty of the Galapagos Islands

Spend a couple of weeks here and you’ll understand what getting back to nature is all about. No smog, no crowds, no rush, perfect. Like walking onto the set of Jurassic park at times with the amount of wildlife


Dancing in the clubs of south beach Miami

The place to be for cutting edge music, fashion and beautiful people. There is a wonderful buzz about the place that is infectious and will having you believe you are as cool as the locals!

Surfing on the north Shore of Hawaii

Learnt to surf here and am hooked, the moment I stood up on that board and caught the first wave that was it!! Biggest waves in the world here but plenty of smaller ones for learners!


New Years in st Barts

Every big boat in the world, every celeb, the biggest parties, the wildest nights, if you can’t let your hair down here give up!

Snorkeling/diving in Tahiti

The most unimaginably beautiful place I have ever been. If the competition was judged on beauty alone this would have won easily


Mojhitos and salsa in Cuba

The locals have been repressed for over 50 years but still are friendlier and enjoy themselves more than any other nation on earth. Get here soon before Fidel goes and it changes forever!


Having a drink in St Tropez
Summer in the tiny village in south of France is awesome, its half French fishing port half Hollywood stopover for the month of august and makes a wonderful blend of charm and glitz rolled into one


Summer in Melbourne

Often voted the most live able city in the world and for good reason. They have everything you could want here, beautiful beaches, lots of sport, wonderful restaurants, nice bars, great vineyards, wonderful locals and lots of exciting events!!


Having a pint of the black stuff in Dublin

Its not just that my friends live here or that I’m Irish. There is something about the place. It’s always been a town that has had it tough until recently and those tough times are shown through it’s people today, resilient, hilarious, witty and charming. I’ve been all over the world and seen some of the most wonderful places but nothing would come close to sitting in a good pub with the boys drinking Guinness and looking out at the rain!Perfect!

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