Saturday, November 04, 2006

Dancing with Paris

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My friends are used to me coming home with exciting stories and are pretty bored of hearing them at this stage! The story about my travels that excites people the most and causes me to answer the most questions is the night I ended up on a table in a night club dancing alongside Paris Hilton……..

I’d been working on a boat all summer and the crew were getting tired and grumpy, 16 hour days taking their toll. We had one more charter and they ended up being young rich playboys in their 20s. We had a great week with them and got on very well with them all. Towards the end of the week they were more like friends and kept hassling us to go out for a drink with them. It was the second week in August and we were in St Tropez along with just about every celebrity in the world who descends on the little French fishing village for the month of August!

Earlier on the day in question I was in the tender and had seen Paris from a distance and was happy with my little glimpse. We came back to port and we cooked a massive buffet for the guest’s last night. You are never meant to drink with the guests but after they bent the captain’s arm myself and my then girlfriend were invited along for a drink after work.

We were headed to La Cave possibly the most exclusive club in the world. After being whisked past the long line of star spotters and paparazzi we were straight in. Our guests were big regulars and we were ushered to one of the best tables in the club where 3 Magnums of Dom Perignon were waiting for us at the table. It was the finest champagne you could drink but incredibly our guests were mixing it with red bull the latest trend, so not wanting to offend them I did the same.

The place is full now, beautiful models everywhere and before I know it bono is sitting in the far corner drinking wine, Roger Federer brushes past. Then In a blur I look over and here comes Paris. She is flanked by a huge entourage and has boyfriend in tow, also with her is Tara Reid who is making a T.V programme with her. They also have a table only yards from ours. Now not having had a drink for some time due to the busy season and being shattered the red bull and vodka went straight to my head and before I know it I am up on a podium dancing like there is no tomorrow!

Then is happens…Paris is up on a podium beside me, she is also strutting her stuff. I begin to throw out some of my best moves (not pretty) and she looks over at my mad flailing. We look each other in the eye and for a moment I can see it in her eyes, she likes the moves!! She thinks I’m some billionaire’s son or rich entrepreneur, little does she know that while she was at the beach sipping cocktails this afternoon I was running around sweating cooking for 25 people.

It was a great night, the bill for 8 people was 12,000 euros and luckily we weren’t paying. By the end of it I think Paris left gracefully and we all fell off the podiums we were dancing on and made our way back to the boat and a few hours sleep before waking up and making croissants for the guests with my first ever Dom Perignon and Red bull hangover.



Chris said...

Absolutely hilarious!

Glad you enjoyed yourself. Red Bull and Dom - now that is a waste of great Champagne!

dada said...


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