Sunday, November 26, 2006

Back on land

Raised so far $28.50

God it's good to be back on dry land again, 4 days at sea does all sorts of things to the brain and we are all sick of the site of each other and arguing like crazy! We arrive at 6 in the morning and after i cook everybody a bit of breakfast we ae off for a day at the beach! God it is so good to back in the caribbean! A beer costs 2 bucks and you can get a taxi anywhere on the island for a buck!

We invented a game on the beach where one person throws the ball as high in the air as possible and the other has to catch it no matter what. It usually invloves trampling over a family with children, running through the bar,into the water, back out and then full length into a group of old age people having a picnic! By the time we left the beach we weren't the most popular people on the whole island and we've only been here for 8 hours!

I'm gonna keep this short as we have just been to a beach bar for a few sundowners and a burger and it's getting late and my bed is calling. It's great to be back here in the warm weather and it'll be hard to find stuff to write about as I intend to spend most of the week on the beach getting a tan, getting better at our new game and drinking quite a few Red stripes! I'll keep you posted!

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