Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Another big leap forward

Raised so far $37.50
The blog might sound exotic but there is nothing glamorous about the life these kids lead. Getting water for the day is a bonus

Well as you can see with the total things are starting to move along very nicely now. Today has been another excellent day and i am happy to announce that i have just signed a deal to act as the excluxise chef author on the site
It is a well established yachting industry site and i will be providing advice to readers as well as writing e books of recipes and stories that will be available to download. It is also a major step forward for the blog as it will increase traffic here and as a result earn much more money for us and the African project. This is a big day for the blog and along with the TV and print media coverage we are really starting to get somewhere now.

If you want to download recipes like this langoustines with avocado go to

Basically the blog will stay the same with my day to day stories and accounts of cooking for the rich and famous but now you will also be able to go to to access large amounts of practical recipes. The amounts raised are starting to increase significantly as well which can only be a good thing. I really can't thank you guys enough for supporting this so far and urge you to keep doing so, it will make a difference.

Today has been quiet as we are getting ready for a charter on Friday, i have just been stocking up the boat today and making lists for a huge days shopping tomorrow! I'll have to buy $10,000 worth of food tomorrow and you will be able to read about me doing so if you read the blog in the morning!

So thank you all for following me during a very successful week for the blog, lets hope it keeps going like this and before we know it you will be reading about me going to Africa to lay the first bricks of the centre.

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