Sunday, January 16, 2011

Mega Yacht le Grand BLeu - Videos And Photos Capri

After departing the yard, Le Grand Bleu headed for the Mediterranean and caused quite a stir wherever it went. It was in Monaco in May 2004, serving as a base for Abramovich during Chelsea F.C.'s fixtures against AS Monaco in the UEFA Champions League.

The yacht needed work when it visited New Zealand over the Christmas New Year period of 2006/7. The work was carried out by Yachtwork .

Its latest drydock and refit was in Port Canaveral, FL in 2008. This refit included a new "green" wastewater treatment system in addition to the current Lloyd's certified system. The new treatment system allows the ship to reuse the wastewater after treatment rather than discharging the wastewater overboard into the sea. As of January 2010, it could frequently be seen docked in Nassau, Bahamas.

Currently, it lies on anchor in the Solent (12 October 2010).

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