Monday, January 24, 2011

The 50 biggest Superycahts In The world - Number 38 Alfa Nera

The Roman emperor Nero got a lot of bad press – some say unjustifiably so. When Rome burned, Nero was said to be playing the lyre. But Nero did take the opportunity to rebuild Rome in a more grandiose and stylish way. In a parallel fashion, the commissioning brief for Alfa Nero was the chance to look afresh at what a Mediterranean yacht could be.

The results have had yacht spotters – and, no doubt, the guests of Alfa Nero – in rapture ever since.

To say that the new approaches that Dutch shipbuilder Oceanco and Monaco-based designer Dan Lenard have incorporated into this superb 83-meter (269-foot) vessel have won immense admiration would be an understatement. Alfa Nero has garnered awards in Europe, the US and even Asia for a style that cuts through the white boat wedding cakes of the Mediterranean.

Setting aside traditional large motor-yacht design templates, they have come up with an utterly streamlined concept to realize the owner’s vision of closely linking the lives of those on board with the placid waters of the Mediterranean Sea that he loves so much

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