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How To Get A Job On A Superyacht

One of the questions that most people ask is "how to get a job on a superyacht". It certainly is a dream job and one that many young people all over the world are keen to get as it leads to a lifestyle of traveling the world while making lots of money and living rent free. Who wouldn't want a job on a superyacht? With that in mind we wanted to create a list of all the best places to get jobs and how to start finding your dream job on a Superyacht....

Getting Started

If you have no experience at all in working on yachts there are 2 main types of jobs that you will be able to get. For boys you can become a deckhand (lots of manual labor and basically cleaning the outside of the boat). If you are a girl you can become a stewardess (basically cleaning the inside of the boat and looking after the guests). The good news is that you can work your way up from there. There are other specialized jobs including Engineers, Chefs, Captains, Maseurs etc but you'll need specific qualifications for those. The good news is that for those specific jobs you will be able to pretty much walk in to a job.

Find A Crew Agency

There are lots of crew agencies around the world and you'll find a full list of those on Google. The main hubs for finding crew are in Antibes (South of France) for European jobs and Fort Laurderdale in Florida for Superyacht jobs in the USA and Caribbean.

Find A Job Day Working

One of the main things that you will have to start doing as a beginner looking for a job on a superyacht is to start day working. This means working for about $100 a day and you'll literally have to walk along the docks asking for work. It is quite common to find work on a superyacht because they often need an extra pair of hands to clean a boat between trips. This may open up in to a more full time position.

Drink In The Bars Around A Port

It might seem odd to go drinking to find a job on a yacht but the logic here is that all the captains and crews on superyachts spend a lot of their time drinking around the ports. Get to know them socially and a job on a boat might just open up.

Extra Resources

Here are a full list of resources for helping you to find your dream job on a superyacht...

Jobs on yachts

Superyacht crew agency


Steve said...
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Steve said... is also a very good resource for finding yacht crew jobs, positions and information.

seasonjunkie said...

I hear that the best way is to go straight to Antibes after the ski season. My blog will be dealing with this in the coming days.

Stewardess said...

The Stewardess Bible is a great blog with loads of helpful information on how to get a job on a yacht as well as services and resources specific for interior crew.
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Martina Mikulić said...

I would loveee a job on a ship like this! It looks amazing, I would even scrub flors! :D

WeeblyFan said...

All great references there. And we have used them all in the passed.

Currently is offering free personal service for any new crew looking to get into the industry. Along with a step by step guide on how to actually start the process.

Great post and well worth the read. Good luck to all

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Jade Graham said...

Who wouldn't want a job on a superyacht? With that in mind we wanted to create a list of all the best places to get jobs and how to start finding your dream job on a Superyacht....

Dave Thompson said...

Always thought it would be cool to work on one of these super yachts. You would travel the world while making money at the same time. That has been my dream since I was a little kid. To travel and make money doing it.

Dock JobCrew said...

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No third party involved ...

Dock JobCrew said...
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Unknown said...

Why can't women be deck hands and men be stewards?

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