Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The Dream:Saving African Lives

$4.98 Raised so far
Anybody writing a blog can have a thousand different reasons for doing it, i have two. Firstly i wanted to create a story of my life that I(nobody else will be interested in 40 years time)could look back over. Secondly and more importantly i wanted to get paid for doing it. Now before you start thinking im a money grabbing fecker wait til you hear my motives.

Basically i have ads on my blog, if people click on an add i get a tiny tiny tiny amount of revenue per click. My crazy idea is to take this revenue and use it for something good. This might all seem a little bit far fetched but if i can get tens of thousands of people reading this drivel every day it can stat making money. I think i have an interesting story to tell and if other people agree we could help people in Africa.

Part 1 I was sitting on the boat(93m, 200 million dollar boat Tatoosh)watching a programme on poverty in Africa. I was trying to get my head around why some poeple are so rich and others die because they cant afford a 50 cent vacination? Needless to say i couldnt come up with a conclusive answer. so i thought to myself what can i do. Well this is it. My idea is to set a target of 20,000 euros from revenue from this. I will post on the site every week the total raised and between us hopefully we can get some momentum and get somewhere towards the total. Im not kidding myself, it is stupidly hard to raise that amount of money when you get about 0.01 cents per click on an ad but if we can whip up enough interest who knows!!!!

Part 2 of the plan is to approach rich people i know, large companies and general public for assistance. I will ask them to donate 1 cent each for every 10 raised on my website. As the number of people reading the website grows i will place prominent ads for these big companies helping out! With their help i hope to be able to take the total to 50,000 euros!

When we reach 50,000 euros i am going to take the money direct to Africa and set up an enterprise centre for Kids who haven't had an education and have no hope in life. Instead of giving aid to people to provide a quick fix to the problem i want to set something up that can...

a)Give young African kids a chance to learn a trade and provide a future service to the community

b)Sustain itself independtly in the long run

c)Save lives

I Plan to see this out all the way if it takes 6 months or 20 years. It costs me nothing, all i have to do is write. I truly believe in this and believe it is achievable. I think it is an idea that can mushroom and i believe through the media, large corporation involvment and the general public reading this we can save lives and create a better future for some people.

All you have to do is to make sure to read the Blog every couple of days, have a look through some ads on the page and TELL AS MANY PEOPLE as possible. Add it to your favourites and read it regularily and you are helping to save lives in the future.

If you have any ideas about ways to increase revenue or want to offer your services in any way, or just agree with what we are doing add a comment!!



KellyG said...

Awesome venture, will send it around. Funny how the people you cook for could buy all of Africa, effectively remove the whole continent from poverty, but their chef has to come up with a way to help them out...maybe one of them will end up donating...keep up the writing!

ronthechef said...

wicked idea just surfed accross your blog by chance im a chef on 120ft m/y willbe logging on and checking the ads on your site