Wednesday, October 25, 2006

South Beach Miami

$3.30 Raised so far
Ok its been a couple of weeks since the last post but give me a break ive been in Miami and you can usually find better things to do here than stare at a computer screen! Have started working on a new yacht for new owners(Dont ask me who!!All will be revealed). Luckily the boat is in the shipyard getting fixed up for 6 weeks so we have nothing to do but check out South Beach here in miami and look at all the beautiful people!

Meeting the locals

Its an incredible place with a huge gay population making it trendy and hip!! Luckily there are also loads of beautiful women and plenty of trendy bars and clubs. Walking down south beach with your lil white Irish body kinda brings you down to earth!!

Another highlight of the last week was going to the shooting range. I always knew America had guns and a pretty liberal attitude to them but never realised what that entailed. We finished one evening and drove to the local range. Now let me emphasise that the biggest thing ive ever fired was a pea shooter. After a 3 minute exchange that involved me giving a PADI scuba diving card to the server and quickly signing a disclaimer i was walking unattended to the range with the same pistol the special forces use in Iraq. I deceided not to go out into the street and cause a bloodbath but proceeded to the range. After shooting the crap out of some targets we moved up a level and got some AK47 s and a couple of Bin Laden targets!!Defientily the best fun ive had in a long time!

Seeing as it was one of the lads birthdays we had to go out and what better place to go after a bit of shooting than hooters! For those of you not familiar its chicks with very tight clothes!And Thankfully they root the bad looking ones out in the recruitment process!! A very entertaining night and everything that america is supposed to be!

Shooting Osama's head off with an AK47

There really is minimal work being done at the moment but on the 10th of November we are heading to the bahamas to do a charter to some rich guests! Cruising around there for a couple of weeks should be nice and there is talk of a parachute jump so watch this space!!

In the meantime we are renting a large house with pool in Key West this weekend for Fall Break, the cousin of Spring break!!Ill Tell you all about it after the weekend!!
Weather 90 Not a cloud in the sky
Work Minimal
Enjoyment 10/10


pieter plaetinck said...

I will be the first one who write you a comment .
Just one question ,Did you cook for those chicks or didthey cook for you and you did the dishes.
Good one Niall , it sounds like a good deed,I am with yoou those childeren deserve a better life


craig said...

Dont know how but found this on -line. Am also a chef on a private owned 120ft. Yacht. Sail Mexico from Nov-May then its off to Alaska from may to september. Love the lifestyle and enjoy the travel. Kudos to you!!!!!