Friday, August 24, 2007

Castro might actually be alive!

Perez Hilton went with a worldwide scoop that Fidel Castro is Dead and it now seems he is back tracking! Although he may actually be dead how would a fat celebrity blogger know about it before Reuters, AP etc

Read below to see him exposed as a Liar

According to Channel 10 News in Miami:

Rumors circulating from Miami to North Carolina and calls coming in to Local 10 said an announcement would be coming from Cuba by the end of Friday that Fidel Castro is dead. While Local 10 doesn’t usually report on rumors, the magnitude of how far reaching this was couldn’t be ignored.

What may start as a whisper, quickly grows into a chorus of thousands.

The rumors have circulated for years. Usually every couple of months they’d start, but in the past week, the rumors have been in overdrive.

Local 10 called its contacts at the White House. Spokespeople there said they were aware of “no change in Cuba.” A spokesperson of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said “it’s all rumor and that Castro is fine.”

An ABC news source in Cuba said all is quiet in Havana and as far as he knows, no announcement is pending.

In fact, the president of the Cuban National Assembly Ricardo Alarcon is reported to be on the beach in Varadero and would presumably be in Havana if a major announcement was imminent.

Local 10’s assignment desk also contacted police departments , which said they are monitoring the situation and taking it very seriously. Miami police said they are in contact with the FBI “hourly.”

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